8 Gennaio 2019

Germany Is Planning a Blowout 100th Birthday Celebration for the Bauhaus.

18 Dicembre 2018


After 1933 The Bauhaus was forced to close down in 1933 due to pressure from the Nazis. However, its ideas continued to spread all over the […]
17 Novembre 2018

100 Years Bauhaus. the opening festival

16/1/2019 – 24/1/2019, Akademie der Künste, Hanseatenweg, Berlin The 100 Years Bauhaus opening festival kicks off the nationwide celebrations for the 100th anniversary of the foundation […]
17 Ottobre 2018

BauhausArchiv Museum für Gestaltung 1 9 1 9 – 1 9 3 3.

1919 Walter Gropius becomes Director of the former Grand-Ducal Saxon College of Fine Arts [Grossherzoglich Sächsische Hochschule für bildende Kunst] in Weimar. He unites it formally […]
23 Luglio 2018

Teaching at the Bauhaus.

This conceptual diagram showing the structure of teaching at the Bauhaus was developed by Walter Gropius in 1922. The programme places ‘building’ [Bau] at the centre […]
14 Maggio 2018

original bauhaus.

6.9.2019 – 27.1.2020 The Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung hosted by the Berlinische Galerie Unique work and series, remake and original are inseparably linked in the history […]
13 Dicembre 2017

New Bauhaus Chicago: Experiment Photography and Film.

15.11.2017-05.03.2018 Eighty years ago László Moholy-Nagy founded the New Bauhaus in Chicago, thus providing American photography with a decisive creative impulse. The Bauhaus-Archiv photography collection’s holdings […]
7 Ottobre 2017

Life at the Bauhaus.

During the fourteen years of its existence, the Bauhaus was threatened, contested and persecuted again and again. It was closed for political reasons no fewer than […]