28 Maggio 2018

BBC News – Italy crisis: Call to impeach president after candidate vetoed.

24 Maggio 2018

Conte wins mandate to be Italy’s premier.

  Eurosceptic coalition Five Star and League rebuff questions over academic’s suitability ‘[President] Mattarella may say “Conte is OK, but I want my hand on the […]
23 Maggio 2018

Five Star and League back political novice to be Italy’s prime minister.

  Populist parties drop dislike of technocrats to agree on Conte, a little-known university academic ‘He’lljust bethe interpreter of the will of the party leaders’ Italy’s […]
22 Maggio 2018

Italian markets in turmoil as political novice emerges as frontrunner for PM.

8 Maggio 2018

BBC News – Italy faces fresh elections as coalition talks fail.

8 Maggio 2018

Italy’s President Proposes Caretaker Government Amid Stalemate.

ROME — President Sergio Mattarella took Italy’s gridlocked politics into his own hands on Monday night. Two months after inconclusive elections created a political stalemate, Mr. […]
21 Aprile 2018

Eight jailed in Italy over secret talks between state officials and mafia.

8 Marzo 2018

Italy’s first black senator: my election shows far right is not anti-immigration.