12 ottobre 2018

From Wall Street to K Street, Companies Gauge the Risks of Doing Business With Saudi Arabia.

By Mark Landler, Kenneth P. Vogel and Kate Kelly   WASHINGTON — The mysterious disappearance and possible murder of a Saudi journalist in Turkey is reverberating […]
11 ottobre 2018

Photos surface of Saudis allegedly sent to kill journalist Khashoggi.

5 ottobre 2018

I know Jamal Khashoggi personally and I fear for his safety.

30 agosto 2018

Al-Jubeir: Saudi Arabia to engage with Russia to support Syria political solution.

24 agosto 2018

Houthis: Saudi-UAE air raids kill dozens, including 22 children.

8 febbraio 2018

Saudi grants airspace approval for flights to Israel.

20 dicembre 2017

Saudi forces intercept Riyadh-bound Houthi missile.