10 luglio 2017

Trump’s Son Met With Russian Lawyer After Being Promised Damaging Information on Clinton

Articolo tratto da The New York Times by By JO BECKER, MATT APUZZO and ADAM GOLDMAN President Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., was promised damaging […]
9 luglio 2017

They Built the First Phone You Loved. Where in the World Is Nokia Now?

By Drake Bennett29 giugno 2017, 06:01 CEST Nokia has arguably been in the communications technology business for a century and a half. “Arguably” because, for that […]
9 luglio 2017

The Remaking of Donald Trump

In the multicultural days of The Apprentice, he rose to a level of popularity with minorities that the GOP could only dream of. Then he torched […]
9 luglio 2017

The age of digital infrastructure has arrived

Articolo tratto da Politico Magazine By Vanessa Hua Presented by Siemens | June 26, 2017 With its impact on the economy, quality of life and U.S. […]
9 luglio 2017

Could a Robot Be President?

Articolo tratto da Politico Magazine By Michael Linhorst July 08, 2017 Yes, it sounds nuts. But some techno-optimists really believe a computer could make better decisions […]
9 luglio 2017

5 Reasons China and America Could Go to War

Articolo tratto da The National Interest by Harry J. Kazianis While thankfully the chances of all-out war are remote, as all parties would have a tremendous […]
9 luglio 2017

Trump discussed the North Korea “menace” with China’s President at the G20 summit

Articolo tratto da The Atlantic by J. Weston Phippen On the last day of the G20 summit, the U.S. President sat down with Xi Jinping talk about […]