10 agosto 2017

Venezuela: US sanctions members of Nicolas Maduro’s constituent assembly.

The US has sanctioned eight officials in Venezuela for undermining democracy. Meanwhile, the opposition plans to take part in future regional polls to stop President Nicolas […]
10 agosto 2017

Lo de Venezuela es una tragedia y cada vez es más difícil una negociación: canciller Holguín.

9 agosto 2017

Is Cuba really pulling the strings in Venezuela?

As the crisis in Venezuela worsens, Cuba continues to throw its support behind the government in Caracas. How much influence does Havana hold over President Nicolas […]
9 agosto 2017

Venezuela’s new constituent assembly declares itself all-powerful.

Opposition lawmakers have lambasted moves by the new constituent assembly to oust the legislature. But the assembly’s president said they’re moving into the legislative palace by […]
8 agosto 2017

Venezuela government and rebellious soldiers each claim victory in base attack

8 agosto 2017

MUD convoca trancazo nacional a partir de las 12:00 del mediodía.

http://www.eluniversal.com/n/664733 via @ELUniversalVe
7 agosto 2017

BBC News – Venezuela searches for rebels after deadly clash at army base.