Middle East

15 Febbraio 2019

Confusion and mistrust: How US government shutdowns harm aid to Middle East

10 Luglio 2017

Libyan port ‘re-taken from IS’

Articolo tratto da The Daily Star Libyan forces say they have re-taken control of the port in the city of Sirte, after fierce fighting against militants […]
10 Luglio 2017

The Islamic State Is Not Dead Yet

Articolo tratto da The New York Times by Antony J. Blinken The liberation of Mosul – the Islamic State’s de facto capital in Iraq — marks […]
10 Luglio 2017

Reprise de Mossoul : l’Etat islamique fragilisé mais pas détruit

Articolo tratto da Le Parisien Le Premier ministre irakien a proclamé, ce dimanche, la libération de la ville, après neuf mois de bataille. L’Etat islamique n’est pour […]
10 Luglio 2017

Mosul liberated as Daesh faces total defeat in Iraq

Articolo tratto da Gulf News Coalition commander says toughest urban warfare in his 34 years of service Mosul: Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi arrived in […]
10 Luglio 2017

Nineveh council says IS detains civilians in Mosul’s Old City

Articolo tratto da Iraqi News by Elwy Elmanzalawy Nineveh (IraqiNews.com) The Islamic State (IS) has detained a number of civilians in the Old City of Mosul, […]
9 Luglio 2017

The young king?

Articolo tratto da Al-Ahram Weekly by Haitham Nouri Saudi Arabia’s Mohamed Bin Salman is officially second in line to the Saudi throne. Haitham Nouri reviews his […]
9 Luglio 2017

Battle for the Syrian desert

Articolo tratto da Al-Ahram Weekly by Bassel Oudat The countries involved in the Syrian conflict are now competing for control of oil-rich desert areas of the […]
8 Luglio 2017

Arab, Muslim leaders strongly condemn terror attack in Qatif

Articolo tratto da Arab News JEDDAH: Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, the UAE and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) condemned the terror attack on security personnel in […]
6 Luglio 2017

Articolo tratto da Jeuneafrique Par Nadia Lamlili 21 juin 2017 à 19h23 — Mis à jour le 22 juin 2017 à 10h53 Par Nadia Lamlili @nadialamlili 607 […]