3 ottobre 2018

BBC News – Iran’s Zarif: EU support for deal better than expected.

25 settembre 2018

Iran’s Terms to Reopen Nuclear Talks? Trump Has to Back Down.

President Hassan Rouhani of Iran after speaking Monday at a peace summit honoring Nelson Mandela during the United Nations General Assembly in New York.CreditCreditCarlo Allegri/Reuters By […]
27 agosto 2018

BBC News – Iran gripped by despair as country faces economic turmoil, drought.

6 agosto 2018

Iran arrests central bank’s top foreign exchange official.

3 luglio 2018

Iran vows to thwart US efforts to block its oil exports.

25 maggio 2018

Supreme leader: Europe must follow demands or deal’s off.

Dall’estremo oriente ci spostiamo in Medio Oriente con le reazioni dell’Iran che dà un ultimatum all’Europa altrimenti ricomincerà il suo programma di arricchimento nucleare Supreme leader: […]
12 maggio 2018

Fears grow as Israel and Iran edge closer to conflict.