16 Aprile 2020

The Photographers’ Gallery, London

The Photographers’ Gallery, London, provides an intimate glimpse into a pocketed history of cross-dressing, and those that lived through it.
19 Settembre 2019

A Photo of the Back of Banksy’s Head Sold for Nearly Ten Times Its Estimate at Sotheby’s London

21 Settembre 2018

Please Feed The Lions.

13 Marzo 2018

BBC News – Russian spy: Deadline for Moscow over spy poison attack.

31 Gennaio 2018

Examining Urban Terrains.

29 Gennaio 2018

The Photographers’ Gallery, London.

7 Dicembre 2017

The impact and evolution of technology is foregrounded in the 30th anniversary edition of London Art Fair.

16 Settembre 2017

London tube bombing: PM says terror threat level raised to critical.

10 Luglio 2017

Camden Lock Market: firefighters battle large blaze in London

Articolo tratto da The Guardian by Patrick Greenfield More than 70 firefighters dealt with blaze while London ambulance service says no one was treated at the […]