27 Settembre 2017

Thousands of Qatar World Cup workers ‘subject to life-threatening heat’.

25 Agosto 2017

Qatar Restores Full Relations With Iran, Deepening Gulf Feud.

LONDON — Qatar restored full diplomatic relations with Iran on Thursday, the latest volley in an 11-week-old geopolitical feud that has set the tiny yet fabulously […]
9 Agosto 2017

UAE and Bahrain grant Qatar Airways new routes.

2 Agosto 2017

L’«affare Neymar» da business a strumento di soft power.

CALCIO & GEOPOLITICA Con il trasferimento, oramai imminente, di Neymar dal Barcellona al Psg, il calcio entra definitivamente in una nuova era. In meno di un […]
31 Luglio 2017

Saudi-led bloc ‘cannot shrink list of demands on Qatar’.

21 Luglio 2017

Qatar says cyberattack ‘originated from the UAE’.

20 Luglio 2017

US praises Qatar’s role in fight against ‘terrorism’.

18 Luglio 2017

Qatar alleges Gulf rivals broke international law by hacking its websites.